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Our restaurant in Venice is located close to Campo San Giacomo all’Orio, one of the most central and prestigious areas of the amazing city facing the Lagoon.

Our oven produces every day tasty delicacies, using only fresh ingredients, carefully choosen by our experienced staff.

Pizza, that you can even taste it in the gluten-free version now, has been part of our DNA since forever.

It represents one of our battle horse, but that’s not all of course!

Our cusine offers delicious dishes, from salads to classic and light meals, or more refined and traditional food from our venetian tradition.

Our restaurant is informal, familiar and cozy; totally furnished in wood and with plates directly from the ’60, with that typical warm atmosphere. We’re sure you’ll love tasting your freshly baked pizza here, choosing from 50 different tasty kinds, from the most traditionals to the innovatives ones!

And if you prefer having your pizza at your own place, no problem! You can have it take away or home delivered by our guys: your pizza will anyway arrive fragrant and smoking directly at your table.

And when the season gets hotter, isn’t it fantastic to have lunch or dinner outdoor? We provide our guests 40 more seating en plain air, to let you enjoy the insuperable venetian scanario!

OKE Mission

The quality of the ingredients plays a key role for us.

We truly believe in organic and zero kilometers products, we try our best to fulfil the needs of gluten and lactose intolerant costumers.

We got rid of glutamate in all of our meals, we definitely think that fresh foods are much better than precooked or frozen foods and we are constantly looking for producers who love their job and provide high quality ingredients.

We try to buy all of our produce from organic-certified farmers because we are aware of the fact that eating organic is good for us and the environment.

Our fresh veggies are all organic as well as some of the flours we use for bread and pizzas.

We buy mostly from local producers in order to be as environmental-friendly as possible.

We buy our fresh seafood on a daily basis from the fish market in Rialto and our wine selection comes for the most part from the area know as triveneto, which includes the region of Veneto, Friuli Venezia Giulia and Trentino Alto Adige.

For those who have a gluten or lactose intolerance we provide many safe options. Most of our pizzas are gluten-free, as well as many other ingredients in our dishes.

Cooked mushrooms and cold cuts are lactose free and so will be other products that will be added to our menus soon.


We are part of the AIC project.