• OUR BEERS OUR BEERSWe strongly believe in the high quality of italian products: that’s why we’ve decided to introduce only 100% italian beers in our menu! All of ... Read more
  • OUR DESSERTS OUR DESSERTSMost of our desserts are home made every day.   Beside being home made as it once was, our desserts are available also in the gluten-free ... Read more
  • OUR OIL OUR OILWe choose with accurate attention every single detail, because we know that the basis of a good cusine are the foundamental ingredients, ... Read more
  • KILOMETER ZERO KILOMETER ZEROZero Kilometer products are healthier and more environmental-friendly They are healthier for the following reasons: – they are fresh, therefore their organoleptic ... Read more
  • BIO BIOOrganic products are good for our body and the environment where we live. Organic farming refuses the use of pesticides, antibiotics ... Read more
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  • GLUTEN GLUTENCeliac disease is a permanent intolerance to gluten, a nutritional substance to be found in oats, wheat, Khorasan wheat (usually ... Read more